Improvements to Museum Exhibits

Our small band of volunteers are working steadily to improve the location and presentation of the Museum’s collection exhibits. Through the recently completed Significant Assessment study we were able to determine the historical importance of specific items and collections of items held by the Museum. We are now able to plan the exhibition spaces within the Museum to better display our most important collections.¬†This involves a great deal of work which will take many months to complete.

Some of our most significant collections include:

The Railway Refreshment Room; once housed in the Museum building.

Tourism in the upper Blue Mountains: hotels, transport and entertainment.

The Crossing of the Blue Mountains; Cox’s Road 1813 -1815.

Mitchell’s Road 1832; the building of Victoria Pass including the Convict Stockades.

The Mel Ward natural history collection.

Farming and settlers in the local district: farm equipment, tools and saddlery.

The Osborne Ladies College: formerly located at Blackheath.

Domestic and Household: furniture, kitchen, laundry, textiles and personal items.

Local History: businesses, schools and trades.

Mining: coal, chert and shale mining in the upper mountains and district.


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